Review: Machine by Jennifer Pelland

Machine by Jennifer Pelland

Machine by Jennifer Pelland

Machine by Jennifer Pelland

Rating: 4/5

If I had to describe this book in one word that word would be disturbing, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I won’t go into much detail so I don’t ruin it for you, but Machine is the thought provoking story of a woman, Celia, who takes on an android body while her biological body is held in stasis until a cure can be found for her rare form of Alzheimer’s. The woman has few friends to support her during her greatest time of need. She faces many unforeseen struggles in her new life as a bioandroid and has trouble coping with living in the mechanical body. To top off her problems, her wife, who she loves dearly, has divorced her because she didn’t support decision to use a biomechanical body.

A disturbing scene of a future that is all too plausible is what this book delivers. The future depicted may very well be what we as a society are on our way to becoming as we continue our scientific endeavors. The author explores the various reactions to the bioandroid program from love to hate to begrudging acceptance and everything in between. The well written characters bring a level of realism to the story of Celia’s struggle to accept her new body for what it truly is, a machine.

Machine leaves you wondering what the future of mankind may hold and how we will adapt to the inevitable changes and advances coming our way. How far of a stretch is it that we may one day be living in mechanical bodies? How would such bodies be abused and how would the world cope with such a thing?

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