Pantom Spider Bites


Tarantula B&W

Have you ever had a sharp pain with no discernible cause? It feels like something bit you but there isn’t any bug or anything even remotely near you. I just had the sensation in my thigh. That’s actually what prompted this post. Even as I type this, my thigh is still burning like some tiny little creature shot me full of its deadly venom.

I like to think of occurrences like this as phantom spider bites. In my mind, I see it as the ghosts of the spiders I’ve killed in the past enacting their revenge upon me (That could make for an interesting book. I may have to add that to an already very long to do list.), but I see much of the world a bit differently than most so that might be an odd way to look at it. I salute the little ghostie spiders for achieving their dreams of revenge, even after their own untimely demise. May they finally rest in peace now that their desire for vengeance has been quenched. Or has it?

Maybe one day they’ll just keep biting and I’ll have to call in some ghost hunters to stop it, or maybe I should just see a doctor since I clearly have something wrong with me, if not physically, then most assuredly mentally. Life is more fun with a healthy dose of mental instability. Am I right?

No, seriously, there’s nothing wrong with me. I just let me imagination run off into the abyss occasionally. It adds a bit of spice to an otherwise normal life. One of my biggest fears is that my daughter won’t inherit my imagination. That fear is slowly dying. Even at one and a half, I’m seeing signs of an imagination blooming in her and I’ll do everything possible to encourage it, phantom spider bites and all.

I’m not the only one that gets phantom spider bites, am I?

2 responses to “Pantom Spider Bites

  • Michael Fishman

    I don’t go as far as the ghosts of spiders (and I agree, that might make a cool story), but I do get those phantom bites you talk about. I have no idea what they are and sometimes they itch.

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