Recommended Reading: Darlene Bobich Zombie Killer

Darlene Bobich Zombie Killer by Armand Rosamilia

If you’re a fan of zombies, Armand Rosamilia has got you covered. Darlene Bobich Zombie Killer is one of his many zombie themed offerings. It’s the only one I’ve yet had the pleasure of reading with my busy schedule, but a few of his other works will get their chance to impress me shortly.

Basically, Darlene Bobich is a woman who had the unfortunate luck of surviving an ongoing zombie apocalypse and this book chronicles her journeys through a world crawling with undead and just as deadly un-undead (living) through a series of connected stories. She’s has to kill quite a few undead and even a few of the un-undead along the way. You can’t help but wonder how she’d been dealt such a crappy hand yet still continues pushing forward into a future unknown. She earns a spot on my list of epic badasses just below the almighty Ash Williams.

My only gripe with Armand’s Darlene Bobich isn’t with the content itself. It’s with the cover image. The woman on the Darlene Bobich cover looks way too similar to Laura Croft, the Tomb Raider chick, to be coincidence (in my opinion), but that isn’t really how she is described in the collection of stories inside the book. She starts off a bit overweight and ends up looking somewhat anorexic due to the lack of readily available food, neither of which could be used to describe Laura Croft. Sorry, Armand, it needed to be said.

All things considered, griping about the cover and not the content itself is a good thing. Do yourself a favor and pick up Darlene Bobich Zombie Killer. It’s an enjoyable little read.

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