This is the second week without a Flash Fiction Faction prompt, so I’m going to post another little something I wrote to pass the time until things get back to normal.

The following is a little drabble I wrote. I don’t know if I’d call it a story, more of a warning. Thanks for reading!


Do not close your eyes, child.  That is when he comes.  He’ll slither from within your closet with only terror on his mind.  His goal is to scare you.  His desire: to make you scream.  Even as you lie staring into the darkness, he is beyond the door preparing his assault on your sanity.  Do not be frightened by the shadows in the corners or the sounds within the walls.  Those things are not real. Fear only the hideous monster hiding amongst your clothes beyond the closet door.  He is very real, dear child.  No, do not close your eyes.

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