Good morning, my friends.

I welcome you today with a story. It isn’t easy turning rainbows into something more sinister, but here’s my go at it. Let me know if I’ve succeeded. I’m okay with failure, so let me know if I’ve done that too. One can’t learn from their mistakes if they never make any.

As always, a big thank you goes out to Madison Woods for the prompt photo and the Friday Fictioneers for wasting their time on my drabbles. Enjoy, guys (and girls)!

Oh and if you’re interested in picking up my short story collection Fright Night (just click the title, it’ll take you to the page on Amazon to download it), it’ll be free TOMORROW (May 19th) and also NEXT WEEKEND (May 26-28). You’ll need a kindle (not free) or kindle app (free and available for everything from PCs to smart phones) to read it. If you pick it up, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Timothy stood just shy of where the trees swallowed the field. A shimmer in the air amongst the trees held him mesmerized. He’d been warned to stay away from the forest that birthed rainbows. His mother said it marked the end of the world. The rainbows were a warning, she’d said.

Hand extended, he stepped forward. The trees swallowed his arm up to the elbow. There was no pain; his arm just vanished. A liquid ripple radiated in every direction from the amputated limb. He felt a tug on his missing arm and stumbled beyond the end of the world.

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