More Fun with Moths

I couldn’t help myself. Making up dialogue between these two is just too much fun. So here are two more exchanges I came up with. Both are exactly 100 words.

Health Inspector

“Hey, Carl?”

“Yeah, Jimmy?”

“Why do you suppose they scratched out the name like that?”

“Embarassment, most likely.”

“Embarassment? Of what?”

“Have you taken a look around lately? This place is a dump. Someone should put a call in to the health inspector.”

“Can I do it? Please, please, please! Can I?”

“Sure thing, Jimmy. If you can figure out how to dial a phone, you go ahead and knock yourself out.”

“Got any change for the phone?”

“Where would I keep coins at, Jimmy? In my pocket? Oh, look at that. I forgot to put my pants on today!”

Shamrock Shake, Please

“Hey, Jimmy, order me a shamrock shake, will ya?”

“They don’t have those anymore. Besides, those things glow in the dark. Mega unhealthy.”

“What? When did that happen? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I thought you knew.”

“How would I know if you didn’t tell me?”

“We come here every day, Carl.”


“You should know they only sell those around St. Patrick’s day.”

“Well, damn. I kind of had my heart set on a Shamrock Shake.”

“What do you want instead? How about an angus with bacon?”

“Can’t you see I’m too upset to eat? Did you say bacon?”

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