Ready! Aim! Tweet!

I’m convinced a twitter is a type of cannon that you load words into and shoot at a wall.  You’re then expected to make sense of the resulting jumble of words splattered all over the wall before the canon fires again. That’s what Twitter feels like to me anyway.

I try to be diligent and converse with people and keep up with those I follow and those that follow me, but everything just seems to get lost in the never ending stream of cannon fodder. It’s quickly getting to the point where I’ve begun unfollowing people whose name I can see more than two or three times on my screen at any given point in time.  Any more than that and you’re just spamming my feed and I can’t follow anyone because I’m so distracted by your persistent tweeting about who knows what.  It’s not that I don’t like you guys or anything. I just can’t keep up with anyone else when I’m busy with your numerous tweets.

I know you’re trying to be helpful to others, but posting a dozen links to interesting sites in a matter of five minutes is just too much. My brain shuts down and I ignore everything after the third link and just shut off the entire site for a day or two.

I keep trying, but I just can’t seem to get into the whole tweeting craze that has swept the world. Bear with me while I try to get the hang of the whole thing. It may take awhile, and by awhile, I mean forever. I may never fully grasp the Twitterverse, but perhaps I am just a Twittiot when it comes to sorting through the jumbled mass of words and links strewn randomly about my feed by the Twitter cannon.

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