Turn Back

It’s Friday, and as you are all aware, that means I’m going to add a Friday Fictioneers story to the melting pot. Thanks to Madison for the prompt photo.

In other news, I started a second blog. I’ll be posting one story per week (probably Wednesdays), as told by the traveler, you may remember him from a couple of my previous Fictioneers stories. You can find his stories at http://travelerchronicles.wordpress.com

Also, on that note, I may be bumping this blog down to only Friday Fictioneers posts for awhile, but I’m undecided on that for now. Anyway, on to the real reason you’re here: Enjoy.

Photo provided by Madison Woods

Turn Back

He had laughed when he read the note stapled to the tree a mile back.

Turn back while you still can!

When he came upon the second his laugh was only halfhearted.

I tried to warn you.

He looked over his shoulder when a growl broke through the undergrowth. Heart thumping, he scurried up the path to the road at the top of the hill. Laughter wafted from the trees behind him.

The sound registered just as his feet hit the macadam.

“Screw you guys! That’s not funny!”

The rumble of an engine rounding the blind curve fell on deaf ears.

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