Research is messy

I sit here at my computer and I wonder why my fingertips aren’t bloody from pecking away at the keys religiously hammering out my story. Something just doesn’t feel right lately. Something seems off. I feel a bit burdened by something, though I’m not sure why. I think I’ve fallen out of my groove. In actuality, I’ve been out of the groove for weeks now. I can’t seem to get back into the swing of things and my writing is suffering for it. I guess all the research I’ve been doing to prepare for my work in progress is really starting to wear me down. Its gotten to the point where I don’t even want to write it anymore. I can’t let that happen. I didn’t spend all this time researching to just give up on my horror novel. Now, If you’d be a dear and help me figure out what to do with all those bodies in my basement I’d greatly appreciate it. I need to get back to writing. Research is such messy work, isn’t it?

*Disclaimer – no living creatures were harmed in the writing of this completely fictional post. Now take a deep breath, relax, and laugh a little.

12 responses to “Research is messy

  • TheOthers1

    Lol. I’d suggestion black bags and a clean up crew. That would definitely free you up to write.

  • Sheila

    I know exactly where you are and have been. All kind of circumstances have been cropping up and interfering with my writing time. Finally, my muse simply left town for a while. One thing I did find that seemed to be bogging me down was trying to keep up with all of the platform building and social media daily to-do stuff. And, I’ve read it all about how important that is, but if it is taking me away from writing or improving my skills – what good will having a zillion followers or friends do me. Now, I limit myself. I’ve made a daily to-do-list with certain things I know I can do at certain times, i.e.. check twitter, etc over coffee in the am. It’s a work in progress, but don’t give up. For inspiration, check out my blog this week. I featured Neil Gaimain’s commencement speech to the School of Arts! It’s amazing! Good luck and good writing.

    • Adam Ickes

      I think my biggest distraction is the internet. If I didn’t have internet access I would lose the majority of the things pulling me away from writing. Second distraction to go would be television, though I don’t think my wife would approve of getting rid of either of those things. I’ll just have to figure out ways of avoiding such things during times I want to spend writing. That was a great, inspirational video. Definitely puts me in the mood to write. I especially liked the “make good art” portion.

    • Adam Ickes

      Always. Bit difficult sometimes though. The prize seems to be on a conveyor sometimes. I need to find the switch to reverse its direction so the prize just comes my way with little to no effort on my part. Not really, the prize wouldn’t be worth it then.

      • rich

        you need a graphic organizer. break down your entire novel, start to finish, in a grid. pre-writing. first draft, revising, editing, print something with enough blocks on it that you can number from chapter 1 to your last and with enough columns for each stage. as you complete each item, fill in the block. set rewards for yourself each time you reach the end of a row. the visual will help you see the progress.

      • Adam Ickes

        Great idea. I shall do exactly that- tomorrow. I would do it tonight, but the trash won’t take itself out and my wife won’t let me buy/invent a robot that does it for me. Imagine that, a robot that takes out the trash. I’d be a billionaire!

      • rich

        if it’s needed, it’ll be created.

  • Layla

    I can’t really add anything to Rich’s great suggestion…

    The key is to break it all down into manageable bits that don’t overwhelm you.

    I definitely know what research fatigue feels like though… my WIP is set in late Victorian London so there’s a great deal of research involved there. When it got too much for me, I hopped to a different project, just to kind of cleanse my palette a bit…. Maybe you could try that…

    Good luck! And don’t give up đŸ™‚

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