The next step

After the successful completion of the first draft of Sins of a Father, I’ve decided to convert Cherokee Johnson to a novella as well. I won’t be starting over from scratch though. Much of what I already wrote will still be usable, so I’m already about half done with it.

The plan is to finish off the first draft of Cherokee before I jump in to round two of Sins.

I realized that neither story needed to be novel length and I was only trying to make them fit that length to release my first novel, even though I already have a full length novel first draft written. I’m planning on working my way through the entire editing process of both novellas before I dive back into the novel though. I want to get as much writing and editing experience under my belt as I can before I crack down on that. Doing so can only make the necessary rewrites that much better.

After that, I’ve already got about a billion other ideas. I’m just not sure which one I’ll choose.

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