Destination Weirdsville: Go ahead- spin the Wheel of Mystery (patent pending)

Welcome to Destination Weirdsville. I’m your host, Pedro McDoogal. Why don’t we see what’s on the agenda for today, folks?

Anyone care to spin the Wheel of Mystery (patent pending) for me? Anyone at all? I’m waiting for a volunteer here. Nobody wants to spin the wheel? You people don’t make very good game show contestants, ya know? Making the host spin the wheel himself is bush league- very bush league. I’m a bit disappointed by your apparent lack of interest. If I were giving prizes away, I would be offended. Consider yourselves lucky that prizes aren’t in the budget.

Okay, here we go. Spinning the wheel.

And there it goes.


Still spinning.

Still, still spinning.

I think I used too much grease on the bearings. This bad boy doesn’t seem to be stopping. How about I just grab it to stop it so we can get this show on the road?

Okay, here we go. The wheel has stopped on… no I don’t like that one. We’ll move the wheel to the left just a bit. Ah, that’s better. Today’s topic is Ringing Rocks Park in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

After this brief commercial break we’ll be discussing it at length. Feel free to hit the head or grab a sammich in my absence.


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And welcome back to the show, friends. I’m Ryan Farfignoogin and I love pickles and long walks aboard haunted ships. As I mentioned before the break, we’ll be discussing Ringing Rocks Park today.

The park lies deep in the woods of Bucks County Pennsylvania, near the New Jersey border. The 128 acre park is home to a field of mysterious boulders.

You’re probably thinking “Wow! A field of boulders! I’m so excited I can barely contain myself!” right about now. Of course you’re being sarcastic and I really don’t appreciate that. I’m trying to drop a knowledge bomb and you’ve got to act like a high school kid. How very mature of you.

Anyway, these aren’t just any ordinary boulders. These are special, magic boulders with healing powers. Okay, I’m lying. I made that part up.

The truth of the matter is that these boulders, when struck with a hammer, sound like bells- hollow, metal bells. But they’re neither hollow nor metal. They’re rocks. More accurately, they’ve been determined to be made of a volcanic substance called diabase, which in no way accounts for the weird ringing.

Not only are the rocks themselves peculiar, the location of the field is also classified as origin unknown. The field is on the side of a hill, rather than at the bottom, where it would be if it were caused by avalanche or glacial activity.

What we’re left with is rocks that ring like bells, but shouldn’t, in an illogical location. Weird enough for you?

I think this says it all!

That’s all the time we have for today. Special thanks to today’s sponsor, Isodovilaklavocarikumalin.

I’m Ollie Hinterburg and your guess is as good as mind.

3 responses to “Destination Weirdsville: Go ahead- spin the Wheel of Mystery (patent pending)

  • lenwilliamscarver

    You are a delightful if not weird Al Yankovich type thinker and writer. It gives this old lady (61) a great belly laugh somedays , a chuckle or some times I just have to stop reading to use the loo I am laughing so hard or scared LOL. Thank you for making my days brighter with your fab imagination! 🙂

    • Adam Ickes

      Wow, I’ve never been compared to Weird Al before. I am honored. I try to make it a point to laugh and be a bit weird as much as I can. It’s kind of my way of balancing out the dark side where the majority of my stories come from.

      • lenwilliamscarver

        and a fine job you do my friend! i really like the way you think even if some of the things you write give me nightmares. And yes Al Yankovich is a fav so you my friend are right up there with him. Thanks for sharing the fine work you do!

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