What did he just say?

I was watching the relatively new sitcom Sullivan and Son on TBS the other day. It stars comedian Steve Byrne, not that that matters for the sake of this post. I had it recorded on the DVR so I’m not sure when it originally aired.

If you haven’t seen the show it’s about this guy who was a corporate attorney in New York or something, but decided to move back to his hometown of Pittsburgh and buy his parents’ bar from them. It’s a pretty standard comedy, by any measure. Nothing life altering, but worth occasionally watching.

What really got under my skin though was the complete disregard for researching something  that would have taken all of ten seconds. Completely unprofessional if you ask me.

The main character’s name is Steve. There is another guy, Owen, who is a dimwitted friend of Steve’s. Owen doesn’t know who his dad is because his mom rather enjoys sleeping around and makes no qualms about it. Well, Steve’s dad, who happens to be played by Dan Lauria (the dad from The Wonder Years),  basically replaced Steve with Owen while Steve was away. The running joke seems to be that Steve abandoned his father when he left, to which he always replies, “I didn’t abandon him. I went to law school!”

Anyway, his dad mentions all the times he took Owen to the zoo to see the pandas. That’s when I hung my head and shook it at the lack of simple research by the script writers.

My beef? The Pittsburgh Zoo has no pandas! How hard is it to pull up a website and see what animals live at any particular zoo? Not very! C’mon, people! Do your research! That single scene made me want to stop watching the show right then. I didn’t, but I wanted to. If they can’t bother to research something that simple, what else did they screw up while writing the script?

Perhaps I’m just being too picky, but it bothered me.

10 responses to “What did he just say?

  • boomiebol

    You know even though it seems like a tiny error…it might be costing them a substantial number of viewers…I sure hope they get the info and do better.

  • TheOthers1

    It would’ve made it more credible and enjoyable I’m sure. I’d be less likely to watch after that. If it was a book, I’m not sure I’d read that particular author. You can suspend belief to a degree, but when something is based in present day reality, you have to be more careful. A minor point that particular tidbit. Can you still watch even though it bothers you?

    • Adam Ickes

      I can still watch because I’m not watching for the accurate details, it isn’t like watching something on the history channel. When I watch a sitcom it’s to veg and relax, maybe laugh a little. Minor errors are annoying but don’t normally make me change the channel.

  • Linda

    It’s the simple things that often get left behind – you’re quite right a bit of simple online research would have sufficed 🙂

  • Bumba

    You should be bothered. Those shows are cheap garbage and you shouldn’rt waste you time with them.

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