Your business, it is inappropriately named

So about a week ago, I was driving home and there was a van parked along the side of the road that caught my eye. The van belonged to a local business and was in great condition. It looked practically brand new, which makes a great first impression. Any business that cares enough to take care of their vehicles is definitely a step above those that don’t. I’ve been witness to the opposite end of the spectrum also, and a good first impression it does not make. That’s all well and good, but there was a problem nonetheless.

The problem wasn’t the van itself, but the name of the business- Husband for Hire. Don’t get me wrong, I understand what they were going for, but in my mind it just doesn’t work. You may not see a problem with it. Without thinking about it, it seems like a perfectly acceptable name for a handyman business, right?

Now, think about it a bit more. There are things a husband and wife do together that transcend any legitimate business deal, sometimes culminating in children. Hiring a full fledged husband would seem to imply that such acts are included as part of the deal. And with the exchange of money, wouldn’t that basically be prostitution?

Yes, I know I’m reading way, way, WAY too much into it, but that’s the way my mind works. I can’t turn it off. Trust me, I’ve tried. I’m sure the guy who runs the business is a perfectly respectable gentleman, but I don’t think I’d hire him solely based on the name of the business.

While I’m on the subject of not hiring certain businesses for whatever reason, am I the only one who forms “might hire”/”wouldn’t hire” decisions based on the driving habits of the person behind the wheel of a company vehicle? Tailgating, speeding, and not signaling lane changes are all good ways to get in the fast lane to “wouldn’t hire” ville. If I can’t trust you to drive with respect for others, I’m certainly not going to trust you with anything else.

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