The Fairy House

Let’s have a bit of fun shall we? It’s time for the Fictioneer’s to do their wonderful little dances with words again. The prompt, as always, comes from Madison Woods.

You know the drill. Comments, criticism, and half drunken rants are gladly accepted. Plus, as an added bonus. For this one time only, I’ll also be accepting fully drunken rants. Don’t miss out on this limited time offer!

Photo by Lura Helms

The Fairy House

“Mommy, look!”

“At what ,dear?”

“The fairy house!” Gabby pointed at the skull embedded in the crook of the tree, her smile so big her tiny face could barely contain it.

“That’s lovely, honey.” The woman was too focused on her phone to care about fairies.

“Mommy! A fairy! Hi, Miss Fairy!”

“Hello, little fairy.” Still, she didn’t look up.

“Hey, you’re not a fairy!” Gabby screamed and ran away.

Her mother barely noticed. “Don’t go too far!”

A guttural laugh in the tree drew her attention. Finally, she lifted her gaze. A large, toothy grin stared back at her.

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I had this all scheduled and ready to go, but then a new idea struck me so I thought I’d include it here as well. Feel free to skip over this second drabble if you so choose, otherwise, consider it a bonus.

The Eye of Glenwood

There is a tree which can be found on no map, a tree of great power. Legend proclaims it the spawn of the Glenwood witches. It was cast out, to forever roam amongst its brethren after the eldest sister was stricken down by the abomination’s visions.

Should you happen upon it, t’would be wise to avert your eyes. Do not look upon the skull embedded in its crook. An eye lolls there, awaiting the gaze of any foolish enough to look upon it.

Lore insists that this eye can see any man’s fate, and what it sees is never good.

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Comments, criticism or half drunken rants?

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