The Winger Chronicles – Part 1

Welcome back to the latest installment of the drabblicious Friday Fictioneers. As always, thanks go out to Madison for hosting this little get together and to you all for reading.

Being that today is my birthday, I decided to do something special with this story. The idea is that this will be the first of a multi part story. I’m not sure how many there will end up being or even where the story will go as I have to wait for the next prompt to come up with the next portion, but each should stand on its own. I hope you’ll join me over the next few weeks to see where Winger’s journey takes him.

Feel free to leave your comments, criticism, and half drunken rants below.

Copyright Maggie Duncan – via Madison Woods

The Conundrum (The Winger Chronicles: Part 1)

He stepped off the porch into the mist and started toward the tree line. His pack was loaded with cans from the farmhouse’s pantry and one fewer box of bullets than he’d gone in with.

He glanced back at the home looming out of the fog. The massacre that had taken place inside barely crossed his weathered mind.

A young girl stood on the porch, her cheeks wet with tears. He wanted to take her with him, to explain why what he did was necessary, but his life was not fit for a child. He couldn’t do that to her.


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Comments, criticism or half drunken rants?

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