The Winger Chronicles – Part 2

Wow, this one didn’t come easy. I hope it doesn’t show. Chances are you’ll be left scratching your head about why he did what he did in part one by the time you get to the end of part 2. Those questions will hopefully be answered in the future. Oh and just a quick not, there will be no Winger next week. I’ll be on vacation so I’ll be skipping next Friday’s get together. You’ll have to wait two weeks for the next installment. Sorry!

As always, thanks to Madison for hosting and the rest of you for reading.

Comments, criticism, and half drunken rants are encouraged.

Photo by Stacy Plowright – “Clouds in Toronto”

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She Never Listens (The Winger Chronicles: Part 2)

He pushed through the brush at the edge of the forest, knowing she was creeping along behind, not able to bring himself to send her back. Just beyond the nearly impassable brambles was a field, greener than any he’d ever seen. Beyond the field were mountains, and clouds that looked so much like mountains that it was impossible to tell where the real mountains ended and the fake ones began.

The girl poked her head through the thorny barrier.

“You shouldn’t have followed me.”

“You shouldn’t have left me.”

“It’s too dangerous.”

She pointed to the endless mountains. “Dad, look!”


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