The Prognostication Continues

Okay, I’ve been away for a bit and I must say I enjoyed my vacation. I cannot say, however, that I’m not looking forward to going back to work. I really wish I didn’t have to, but there are bills to be paid and all that jazz. You may have noticed that there was no prediction last week because I was away and forgot to schedule it before I left, so I’m going to give it to you today.

There is a bit of business to take care of first though.

In case you forgot, the prediction from two weeks ago was:

Inhospitable land grows greedy tendrils

Fostered by scorching warmth

The birthplace of man withers

No one managed to guess it correctly, so here it is in plain English:

The Sahara desert will expand its reach, eventually enveloping the whole of Africa with its barren landscape.

And here is this week’s prediction, hot on it’s heels.

A surge uncontrolled

Incessant blinking

Slumber wins the war

Have fun with it and see if you can find the meaning.

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