The Winger Chronicles – Part 3

It’s story time again, Friday Fictioneers style. That means one hundred words of Winger. I hope you all enjoy this latest installment.

Thanks as always to Madison for hosting and the rest of you for reading.

Comment, criticism, and half drunken rants are encouraged.

Copyright Rochelle Wisoff Fields

Copyright Rochelle Wisoff Fields

Previous Installments: Part 1 | Part 2

Starting Point (The Winger Chronicles: Part 3)

Her outstretched finger guided his gaze to the gargantuan cavern nestled at the base of a mountain across the lush, green field. “That’s where we’re going, right?”

The toothless grin in the side of the mountain beckoned. “That’s where our journey begins. Where it ends, I don’t know.”

Silence swirled around them, encasing them in an unfriendly cocoon. Even the grass beneath their feet hungrily swallowed the sounds of their footfalls as they crossed the vast expanse. He stopped twenty yards shy of the massive entrance, unable to shake the feeling of being a fly trapped in a spider’s web.


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