The Winger Chronicles – Part 5

Happy Friday, folks! Have a slice of Winger. No charge! This one’s on the house. You’re welcome.

Thanks as always to Madison for hosting and the rest of you minions for reading.

Comments, criticism, and/or half drunken rants are now required.

Copyright Sandra Crook

Copyright Sandra Crook

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Descent (The Winger Chronicles: Part 5)

Noises all around were grinding on Liv’s frail nerves. Flowing water, the pebbles scuffing beneath her feet, every sound had a life of its own. She clung to her father’s shirt as he continued down the gentle grade of the cavern floor.

“Didn’t you bring a flashlight?”

“Don’t need one. Open your eyes.”

She pried her eyes open and forced herself to look around. The shallow stream to the right gave off a phosphorescent glow like she’d never seen, bathing everything in dim blue light.

Behind them, she caught sight of a snarling, winged creature perched atop a stone arch.


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