The Dare

I’ve nothing to say other than Charlie got what he deserved.

Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and everyone else for reading. Oh and feel free to use my little Friday Fictioneers Badge at the bottom if you want. I made it to put on all my FF stories.

As always: comments, criticism, and half drunken rants (especially half drunken rants) are highly encouraged.

Copyright Claire Fuller

Copyright Claire Fuller

The Dare

(100 words)

“They’re coming,” Randy whispered down the stairs. “Get ready.”

Charlie crouched beside the door and waited patiently for the others to enter the decrepit church.

Leon and Kyle stopped just outside.

“Can’t we just say we went in?”

“We gotta take something from inside. You know that.”

Leon groaned.

Kyle lifted his heavy boot and planted it beside the doorknob. The rotted wood gave way easily and the door shot open.

The knob smashed into Charlie’s ribs and a pained howl erupted from his mouth. Leon and Kyle ran away screaming for their lives, sure they’d angered the ghosts inside.



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