Creative Endeavors

So I’ve been neglecting my writing this week because I’ve been focusing most of my creative juices into a different form of expression: sculpture. I’ve only ever sculpted once before and the clay I was using sucked so I didn’t get too detailed with it. The process is slow going as I have no experience and I’m just figuring things out as I go, but so far I’m liking the results. There is a long way to go yet, but I figured I’d share my progress.


This is the general idea behind the current sculpt. I’ve got a few little books where I draw a bunch of pictures like this. I draw them for character ideas, sculpture ideas (I’ve wanted to get into it for awhile but just haven’t had time) or just for plain fun.


I went to Hobby Lobby and got a foam head and some clay, then built a base for my foam head from some scrap wood I had.


The next step was to rough out the head. This is where I was when I got to the end of my 1st 4.5 lb block of clay. 40% off coupons are awesome by the way, I highly suggest using them. I covered the front of the foam head with clay and roughed out half the face based on my drawing.


So I went back to Hobby Lobby to get more clay but they didn’t have any more 4.5 lb blocks in the right color so I grabbed two 1 lb blocks to hold me over. Those extra 2 lbs allowed me to rough out the other half of the face and add one of the roughed out ears.


I went back a couple days later (which happened to be on my birthday) after I got a haircut (which is in the same shopping plaza as Hobby Lobby, so I was already there anyway) hoping they had some more 4.5 lb blocks in stock. Turns out they did so I snagged one (with 40% off coupon of course). I roughed out the other ear and adjusted the bone structure of the circles on forehead. They were too high before so I ripped them off and moved them down. I also covered the back of the head and in this photo I had just started to rough out one of the eyes.


This is where I currently stand. I added more detail to the eyes, the brows, the mouth, and one of the ears. My hands hurt so I’m done for now. I still have about 2 lbs of clay left but I want to pick up another 4.5 lb block so I can rough out the neck. This stuff never dries out because it’s oil based so I can reuse it to my heart’s content as long as I keep it clean so I shouldn’t have to keep going back to buy more clay for the next sculpt. But that’s a future discussion. There is still a ton of work to do on this guy so I’ll worry about that later.

If you’re wondering I’ve been calling this little goblin Luka. That’s all I really know about him so far. He hasn’t told me his back story yet.





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