Open Your Mind

I missed last week due to the fact that I was enjoying myself on vacation. I regret nothing and you can’t make me! Here is a picture from my vacation. It’s me and my new friend Mr.  Goat. He lives in Columbus, Ohio- at the zoo. He demanded I take a photo of us. Who am I to deny such a request?


You’re going to see something weird from me this week. This is my second FF story in a row without a dark twist. I must be coming down with something. I better get myself to a witch doctor soon. This story came to mind immediately and I had to run with it because Karl is basically me in story form. I tend to see things not for what they are, but for what I wish they would be.

As always, thanks to Rochelle for hosting and the lot of you for reading.

Comments, criticisms, and half drunken rants may fill out the application below. Hallucinogenic drug induced ramblings need not apply.

Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields


Open Your Mind

(word count: 100)

“Tell me you’re seeing this.” Karl pointed toward the shore. “I mean, just look at them. Look how beautiful they are.”

“The cranes? I wouldn’t exactly call them beautiful.” Janet didn’t have Karl’s gift. She couldn’t see the wonder in the everyday of life. She was a sad product of reality.

Karl, on the other hand, was a product of an overactive imagination. “Cranes? What are you talking about?” He looked down at his daughter. “Look at the giraffes, Cass. Aren’t they pretty?”

“I see them, daddy.” Cassidy’s smile melted his heart. “They’re perfect.”

Janet shook her head in frustration.


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