The Winger Chronicles – Part 6

So here’s the deal. You’ve been good little boys and girls so I’m bringing Winger out of retirement to continue his journey. You’re welcome. The last time I wrote about him was September of last year, so you’d do well to reread the first five parts of the story (linked below) to catch up on his journey.

As always, thanks to Rochelle for hosting the get together and you, dear reader, for doing your part.

I’m still accepting comments, criticism, and half drunken rants. Act now before this offer ends.

Copyright John Nixon

Copyright John Nixon

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Prey (The Winger Chronicles: Part 6)

At  the edge of the stream they knelt and feigned drinking. Neither had any plans of actually ingesting the glowing, sulfurous water.

Winger eyed his reflection in a small waterfall until the hulking demon appeared over his shoulder. A well placed boot sent the beast stumbling backward and howling in anger. Winger whirled around, leveling his gun in the process.

He squeezed the trigger three times. One shot to the chest, two to the head- just like he’d been taught. The roar of gunfire bounced off the cavern walls in a deafening cacophony that left his ears ringing for hours.


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