Somebody stop me…

In writing news:

Crazy person that I am, I went and started two new stories (I have no idea how long they’ll end up being. Might be shorts, might be novellas, might be novels- hard to say until I get further into them), but I’ve got so many stories in various stages of completion that starting more just seems like a bad it. I just can’t help myself. When an idea hits me sometimes I just have to write it.

The first one I started is called Sometimes the shadow wins, about a kid and his shadow.

The second I’ve been calling The world according to Jimmy Smitts. It’s about a boy and his highly unusual neighbor.

I really need to start finishing projects before jumping into new ones. Shame on me.

Speaking of completing projects, I’ve only got about 25 pages of Sins of a Father remaining that need edited for the 3rd draft to be complete. Bad part is they are some of the pages that require the most work. Should be finished by the middle of next week if all goes according to plan so I’m still on schedule to finish the final draft by the end of the year.

Sadly, I’ve only added about 2500 words to Dark Wilderness in the last week and a half, but I’m still hoping I can pull the rest out of my head onto the pages by the end of the month. I may end up a bit off schedule on that one as most of my writing efforts have been focused on Sins of a Father.

In sculptural news:

I started a Jack Skellington full body sculpt that stands about 16 inches tall. I don’t have any photos of it yet and don’t feel like taking any at the moment. Perhaps in a future post.

I also half molded the Luka head. Being the first time I’ve ever attempted to make a mold I definitely hit some setbacks, which hopefully I can overcome. I won’t know for sure until I attempt the second half of the mold. I certainly learned a few things about molding for my next attempt and hopefully I can make this one work. If I can’t it means scrapping the mold and the sculpt with nothing to show for it, but sometimes it takes that experience to learn the correct way of doing things.


11 responses to “Somebody stop me…

  • billgncs

    a bit of crazy is a good thing !

    • Adam Ickes

      You aren’t wrong. Sometimes I just feel like I’m setting myself up for failure by taking on too much at once even if it is mostly self imposed deadlines that really don’t matter all that much if I miss.

  • Robert Gregory

    I do the same, man. I paint, then stop in the middle and pick it back up later. I have, or actually had, about seven paintings unfinished – one that I had started in the 2001! It’s okay, though. These things take time and, more importantly, inspiration. If I’m not inspired, if I’m not feeling it, it will not happen no matter how hard I try. Keep writing and sculpting! Whether they work out or get scrapped, it’s all worth it in the end and has a purpose.

    • Adam Ickes

      I know what you mean. I do the occasional charcoal drawing and I have a couple that are halfway done that I haven’t even looked at in at least a couple years that I still have plans to finish eventually. Some of them may never see completion, but I’m sure at least a few will.

  • RoSy

    Your creative muse sure likes to be adventurous with so many things going on at once. I’m lucky if my muse wakes up the next day 😉

    • Adam Ickes

      My muse is always awake, even when I’m not. The problem I occasionally have is finding the motivation to do as the muse requests, so while I have the motivation I’m running full steam with it.

  • silentlyheardonce

    As long as you’re writing you’re getting something done. Which mind you is different from finishing. Which by the way will eventually happen. finishing that is. I think all of use who create have several projects going at once. All the best with each of yours.

  • MissTiffany

    I’m the same – always starting new projects before finishing the old. Since winter is approaching, hopefully I can get a bit more finished on each of them than I have been doing. And your sculpture sounds awesome! I’ve often wanted to try my hand at sculpting…maybe one of these days I’ll get around to it.

  • MythRider

    You are creatively ambitious. Good for you.
    I really like the title Sometimes the shadow wins.
    Happy writing and sculpturing.

  • babso2you

    I am the Queen of Procrastination! I have a book ready to publish, but need to figure out the cover and the back…I also have 20,000 words on a sci-fi fantasy/YA that I have had folks read that they love…I am stalled on that one. Why haven’t I finished the one and completed the story of the other…I know, I really should just drop everything and do it!

    Anyway, this is also a note to thank you for signing up to follow my blog! I hope that you will totally enjoy my posts! – B

  • scottishmomus

    This was/is so me. Not the sculpting bit. Unless it’s playdough. But the writing. Over the years I have started and left more pieces to lie fallow than I can count. It’s only since blogging here that I now feel compelled to finish what I start because there is somewhere for it to go. The mind jumps about wonderfully and has to find an outlet.
    You sound as if you’re well on that. So many projects all crying out for attention. I’m well impressed. Good luck in pulling them all together.x

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