Jumping the gun

I recently read a blog post by author Ania Ahlborn about National Novel Writing Month and it got me thinking. If you’re into horror you should read her books by the way.

Winger has been chomping at the bit to get going and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to make him wait a couple days to start his travels. I already have the outline done and I know where I want the story to go- generally. So, why am I holding myself back from writing the story that I want to be writing and filling the time with stories I’m merely content with writing to kill the time until November starts?

It makes no sense and I decided I’ll have no more of it.

That being said, I broke the “rules” of NaNoWriMo and started Winger on his journey today and I’m glad I did. I don’t regret it in the least. Keeping him bottled up was getting kind of depressing and writing things I was only content with writing wasn’t really all that much fun.

So I can’t stick to the suggested idea of NaNoWriMo. So what? Writing isn’t about following somebody else’s rules. Writing is about taking a journey on your own time and with your own rules. Writing is about being true to the story in your heart, not the idea that November is somehow a mythical beast that will be slain by writing 50K words.

Write the story you want to write when you want to write it. That’s what writing is about.

I’m still going to try to finish by the end of November, just to see if I can. If I can’t, I’m fine with that. I know I’ll finish eventually. I just gave myself a few extra days to meet a lofty goal. Winger’s tale will be longer than 50K words anyway- maybe a good deal longer. I’m going to need those few extra days.

Letting the words flow from my fingertips felt amazing and wonderful and made me happy. I can’t say that about the rest of the stuff I’ve written over the past couple days. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take that over keeping a story bottled up inside when it wants to come out any day.

As long as I’m writing and enjoying myself, what does it matter?

Thanks for giving me the kick in the ass I needed to get moving, Ania. I appreciate it more than I could ever express.

7 responses to “Jumping the gun

  • Anja

    I have often contemplated taking on this November beast…but like you mentioned, I do hate rules. I hope all goes well and you accomplish what you want.

  • MissTiffany

    I confess: I’ve already started my novel for November. I couldn’t wait until the starting point. I’m just using Nov 30th as a deadline to motivate me. So good for you! Who cares about the rules. Last year, instead of writing a novel, I decided to start a blog. I told myself I would post twice a week. And now here I am, one year later, still blogging. One the best decisions I ever made. 🙂

    • Adam Ickes

      Write away, I say. Don’t let November contain you. The important thing is that you’re writing. I’ll probably have roughly 5K by the official start of NaNo. Would have been more, but most of last night and a good portion of tonight is dedicated to carving up a pumpkin- something I look forward to all year.

      • MissTiffany

        I’ve already got about 12k – a substantial start. Haha, how awesome! I carved my pumpkin last night too – it’s one of my favorite Halloween traditions. 🙂

      • Adam Ickes

        Awesome start!

        This is actually my second pumpkin. I did up the first one Sunday/Monday. I’m doing two this year even though it eats away many hours of my time. I don’t go for just the standard poke a couple holes in a pumpkin and call it a jack-o-lantern. I like giving my pumpkins some style. Maybe I’ll post some photos once I’m done.

      • MissTiffany

        That’s what I thought. Now if I can just keep it up…

        Haha, cool. It was actually my second pumpkin too. My first one was for my aunt – the Headless Horseman. For my personal one I did Captain Hook. They turned out pretty cool. 🙂 As for it taking a long time, well, you only get to do it once a year, so why not?

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