Six on the 6th – December

I’ve decided to make a habit of writing a handful of six word stories each month and unleash them on the public. What better day than the 6th for such an event. Even if you aren’t a writer, this is a fun little excersize to get the creative juices flowing. You should give it a shot. You may surprise yourself.

The Day After

Sunrise unveiled the dead planet.


Chin lifted, eyes skyward, she prayed.

The Handwritten Note

Waited as long as I could!


I don’t remember why I left.

The Hunter

Exhausted and satisfied, the beast collapsed.

The Proposal

On bended knee, the ring sparkled.

Your turn… Give me your best six word stories. Or at least let me know which is your favorite. I personally like The Handwritten Note. There are so many possible backstories to that note it sends my mind in a million directions creating elaborate tales that eventually led to the note.

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