Six on the Sixth – January

It’s that time again. You know what time I’m talking about right? Time for some six word stories of course. This is the first time I have a title that’s nearly 3 times as long as the story itself. That was obviously done on purpose.


Three months later, the infection won

Rain of Terror

Countless arrows blotted out the sun.

His Indiscretions

Dignity intact, she packed her things.

The Phoenix

Out of the wreckage, he rose.

The life and times of Ernesto Solomon, the gardener, and his little dog William P. Hefferdink

Both digging in dirt, they’re happy.

The Endless War

Ninety years raging, the battle continues.


Time for you guys and gals to have a go and show me what you’ve got. Give me your best (and your worst if you so desire) six word stories.

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