The anticipation is killing me

The waiting truly is the hardest part. I’m nearly 3 months into a 4 to 6 month wait. That wait is to see if my novella Sins of a Father will be accepted for publication by Nouvella. I haven’t received a rejection yet, so there is still hope. Even if they end up rejecting it, I’ll end up self publishing so it will eventually see the light of day. Waiting is not an easy thing to do when it comes to hearing back from a publisher. In comparison, writing the novella was easy. Only another 1 to 3 months to wait before I have an answer one way or the other. However it comes into existence, I’d love for you all to pick up a copy and love it as much as I do. Currently, it’s probably my favorite in terms of things I’ve written. I hope it can be yours as well.

In other news, the first draft of Witchwood (the first book in the Winger Chronicles) is finished and it holds true to the saying that “the first draft of anything is shit”. It needs a lot of work, but that’ll come later. I’ve got to distance myself from it for awhile before I look at it again. The first draft was just to get the general idea down. The second draft starts the process of polishing the turd.

Now, I’m going back to working on the Cherokee Johnson novella for the foreseeable future. And by foreseeable I mean the next couple weeks. I’ve only got about 9000 words or so remaining to be written to finish the first draft so it may not even take a couple weeks depending on how much time I can scrounge up this weekend. After that it’s anyone’s guess where my overactive imagination will take me, but it’ll likely be back to the Dark Wilderness novella to start in on the second draft. Although, I’ve got a couple short story compilations I have in mind that I’d like to get working on (one a collection of twisted takes on fairy tales, the other a collection of tales of the traveler. You may remember him from my FF story The Ogre) so maybe those will jump ahead of Dark Wilderness in the queue.

Wish me luck. I’m going to need it!

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