This post was written for Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and the minions for reading.

I’m a bit disappointed in myself. I must be losing my edge. Maybe my blade needs sharpening. There is nothing dark or monstrous about this tale, but I still like it so I’ll share it.

Larry walked along the line of lamps, studying each one more closely than the last.

“Dad?” he said.

“Yes, Larry? What is it?” his father said, smiling down at him.

Larry cast the lamps a worried glance. “They’re all broken.”

“What do you mean? Your mother had her heart set on a new lamp.” His dad knelt beside him to look at the lamps.

Larry pointed. “They’re all missing the part that lights up.”

“The bulb? That’s no problem. I can fix that at home.”

“You can?” Larry’s face lit up and he pointed at the pink one. “That one!”

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