Friday Fictioneers: Hitman

I’ve a few bits of business to discuss before I get to my story the week. I hope you don’t mind.

#1) The Six on the Sixth prompt for this month went live this morning. Stop by, check it out, and join me in writing a few six word stories. I post the prompt on the 5th and my stories on the 6th each month.

#2) I just released a collection of 100 word stories yesterday, entitled “100 tiny tales of terror.” I’ll hope you’ll all consider picking up a copy, or at least help me spread the word about it.
Click here for more information (yesterday’s post).
Click here to go directly to the Amazon page.

Nothing else to see here. Carry on, my dearest minions.

Photo Copyright – Danny Bowman

Photo Copyright – Danny Bowman


He crossed the barren landscape, one useless leg dragging behind and digging into the soft earth. The mangled cars blocking the road far behind had become an inferno. Of course, that was just a ploy to hide the bullets in the other driver’s chest.

They’d figure out it wasn’t an accident eventually, but he’d be long gone by that point.

Walking across that endless field, he told himself that was his last job. He told himself he was retiring and moving to a secluded island somewhere. He told himself these things, but he knew his employers would never allow it.


This post written for Friday Fictioneers.


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