Destination Weirdsville: Poland’s Crooked Forest

A collection of highly unusual trees–roughly 400 in total–has taken up residence in a tiny corner of western Poland, near Gryfino. I use the phrase “taken up residence” because the trees appear to have been planted around 1930. These trees are quite unique and are surrounded by a larger forest of perfectly normal trees.

What makes these trees so unique? Well, how about I just show you rather than tell you?


Nobody seems to know why all of these trees are bent, or how it was done, but the fact that they’re all bent in the same direction (northward) lends to the idea that it was almost certainly some sort of human intervention that caused the trees to bend. The general consensus is that they were bent on purpose for use in furniture or boat making, but other slightly more bizarre suggestions to their origins have also been suggested: everything from the standard aliens to gravity anomalies.

Give me your strangest ideas as to how and why this crooked forest might exist. You don’t have to believe it. I just want to hear some interesting explanations.


14 responses to “Destination Weirdsville: Poland’s Crooked Forest

  • billgncs

    a place where politicans go to reflect ?

  • RoSy

    I’m on the alien vibe here. This is where they come to be one with nature & recharge. They come here just as their human-like body begins to fade away.

  • Hala J.

    Trees tend to stand straight and tall their whole lives. That’s got to be tiring, right? Standing, standing, standing for decades. Sometimes you just want to sit, relax, take a load off. I think these trees decided to start a revolution. If your very life depends on being rooted firmly to the ground from sapling to adulthood…why not sit, and take in the loveliness around you, and have a chat with your neighbors?

    And I’m thinking they’re all facing the same way because that’s probably the more interesting part of the woods. Kind of like how a family gets together to watch TV. I say, “Go trees! Show how lovely being lazy can really be!”

  • Tom Merriman

    Adam, they were a genetically modified experiment back in the day for their sole use in a wood on a golf course, to make it easier or more difficult to get the golf balls out of there; and to also prevent ricochet accidents that occurred from time to time.

  • patriciaruthsusan

    Adam, these might have been engineered by some enterprising tourist agency to perhaps draw people there, or for people to relax on after walking and sightseeing all day. There might be a lot of competition for tourists in that part of the world.

  • Judah First

    When this grove was quite young, a herd of elephants was passing through and needed a place to stop and rest. They sat on the trees watching the sunset and all fell asleep. The trees were so pliable they bent to the shape of the elephants’ backsides, so each day after wandering through the forest, the elephants returned and sat to watch the sun go down. By the time they had exhausted the food and water in that area, the trees were permanently bent to accommodate the herd.

    🙂 That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  • Tarl

    Is it possible that the trees are flexing (making muscles)? I can see if there was a lovely dryad in a certain direction, all of the young saplings would naturally feel the need to show how strong they were. After you flex for so long, you get a cramp. That’s what I see – cramped trees.

  • heba

    I think they were not planted at all the left on the ground horizontally during the war and the root find way to penetraite to the soil

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