The Eloko of Zaire

An extraordinarily evil race of beings dwells in the deepest, darkest part of the rain forests in central Zaire. The eloko is a dwarf-like creature with a short temper, a penchant for violence, and a taste for human flesh–especially that of the female variety. It is said that these creatures (the plural of eloko is biloko by the way) are said to be the spirits of the ancestors of the people who live there. Apparently they harbor some sort of grudge against the living and are known to be a rather vicious, unforgiving lot.

Deep within the heavy trees they guard their treasures–rare fruits and the game of the forest–from all who dare trespass.

They aren’t much in the looks department. These odd little fellows have a tendency to grow grass instead of hair and have a snout like a crocodile, said to be able to open wide enough to swallow a human. As if that weren’t bad enough, add piercing eyes and sharp claws to the mix and you’ve got yourself an Eloko.

On a related note: if you happen to find yourself in a Central African forest and hear a bell, just turn the other way and run. Don’t look back. Don’t wait around to see what’s making the odd ringing where there shouldn’t be any. Biloko are said to possess little bells that can cast spells on passers-by. You don’t want that. Trust me.

Also, just to reiterate, if you are a female, you might want to consider not venturing into the forest at all. I did mention they prefer the taste of female flesh over that of males, didn’t I? Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you find yourself on a Eloko’s menu some day.


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