Storybook Corner – May

IMG_4768Despite his unusual name, Toad was a pretty average guy. And in case you’re wondering, yes, that was his real name. His parents were sadistic pricks even on the best of days. He had an average job; accountant. He drove an average car; Toyota Camry. He even had an average wife; soccer mom.

Everything changed the day he met a curious fellow named Clement. His world shifted and he was left looking at a life he barely recognized–a life he always thought he wanted. But the grass is always greener. Toad’s wishes flew hot and heavy for the first week–standard things really; more money, less work, better play things, a drink when he was thirsty, a burger when hunger came knocking. These things, which the djinn was more than happy to provide, came with a heavy price.

With every wish, Toad lost a bit of his excessive height–a few millimeters here, a few more there, nothing noticeable at first. By the end of the first day he’d made six hundred wishes and had lost a full foot from his once 6’5″ frame. At the end of a nonstop week of wishing–he didn’t need sleep any longer, it was one of the things he’d wished away–he was no taller than a foot and began to take on a pale green tint. He took note of his changing skin color and made a mental note to wish it back to normal later, but he didn’t stop wishing.

Finally, when he reached the five thousandth wish–for immortality no less–Clement, the djinn, closed his eyes and dipped his head. “And so it shall be,” he said in the raspy, hoarse voice of a smoke with a five pack a  day habit.

Toad sucked in a breath and paused, remembering the ever deepening color of his skin. He opened his mouth to wish himself back to normal, but only a croak came out. He screamed, but only a croak came out. The djinn looked down on the toad who was once a man with a crooked grin. “You seem to have run out of wishes. Goodbye, greedy little toad.”

Clement turned and walked away. Toad croaked.


This story was written for Storybook Corner. Please stop by the prompt post for the details and join in on the fun.

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