Goat Head

These guys originally appeared in the story Friends are Important. They wanted to come back for another. Who am I to turn them down?

I know I haven’t been around much, I even missed Six on the Sixth this month. Sorry about that. I actually did write stories for the last three or so FF prompts, but I didn’t post them because I’ve been in a bit of a writing funk and they just came out looking like garbage to me.

Anyway, on to the words you actually came for. Here’s my story paired with my photo. Thanks for using it as a prompt Rochelle.


Goat Head

“Earl?” said the dog.

“Yes, Rufus?” said the frog.

“Why’s there a goat head in the corner?”

“That’s a relic from my Satanist days.” Earl grinned.

“You… were a Satanist?”

“Oh yeah. I was big into the whole ritual sacrifice of virgins scene.”

“That’s not a thing… is it?”

“No. I bought it at a garage sale. It spoke to me.”

“That’s a pretty weird thing to buy. You don’t even like hunting.”

“You should have seen me trying to carry that thing in here by myself. It was a riot.”

“I’m sure it was, Earl. I’m sure it was.”

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