Six on the Sixth: August

What Once Was bound (chair)

The rope broke. She was free.

The Junker (automobile)

A car without a key: worthless.

Cat and Mouse (duck)

Through hungry, clawing trees, she ran.

Her Captor (black)

Hands around her neck stopped her.

Breaking Point (anger)

Scared and angry, she fought back.

Removing the Sin (sink)

Bloody water swirled down the drain.


I’ll leave it at that and let you decide which of our characters came out the victor. These extremely short stories are my contribution to Six on the Sixth, a prompt I host on the sixth of every month. As always, I like to make my six stories flow together to create a bigger picture–a 36 word story if you will. Now, be a good little minion and go read the contributions of the other great writers who have taken part.


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