My Nemesis, the Rabbit

It’s finally happened. I have a nemesis, but I’m not happy about it.

I always thought having a nemesis would be great, but it’s nothing like I’d dreamed it would be.

So who is this nemesis of mine? Well, don’t laugh, it’s the rabbit that lives under a bush in front of my house.

Weird, right? Yeah, I never thought my first nemesis would be a rabbit. The universe is a cruel mistress.

So how did I get a rabbit as a nemesis? Good question, simple answer. I have a string of Christmas lights that run along the ground (as seen in the videos here). No matter how I configure them that little shithead rabbit chews through the light string and makes it nonfunctional. The little bastard has destroyed 3 sets of lights so far. I think I need to concede defeat find a new place for those particular lights.

My nemesis, the rabbit wins this round.

4 responses to “My Nemesis, the Rabbit

  • Charles Yallowitz

    Rabbits can be mean and annoying. Don’t hire any knights to take care of it though. Knights never beat rabbits.

  • Suzanne Joshi

    Adam, My daughter once had a pet rabbit. I was surprised at the teeth on that guy. I’m not surprised a rabbit chewed through the lights. Mice will do the same thing. Their’re both rodents as far as I know. We were told by an exterminator that mice can destroy the wiring in a car. Good luck! 🙂 — Susan

  • Bunny Eats Design

    If you have a rabbit, you should bunny proof your house. Rabbits chew. We keep all cords at least 2 feet off the ground or behind heavy furniture. We haven’t had a cord chewed in years. It’s great. Bunnies can get electrocuted from open cords so it’s probably a good thing that bunny won this round.

  • MythRider

    Cute story, but Christmas lights? You need higher voltage wiring.

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