The Fires of Killian (The Winger Chronicles, chapter 2, episode 2)


Photo prompt

Massive stone towers reached toward the sky in front of them. Some were no more than piles of broken rock.

“Whoa,” Liv whispered.

“Be careful where you step. These cliffs are dangerous.” Waves lapped at the beach, far below in the dying light of the setting sun.

Liv nodded and made for a wooden door at the base of the nearest tower.

“Wait,” Winger said, but she didn’t hear him and yanked on the door handle.

A puff of thick smoke billowed from inside.

“Get back to the trees,” Winger said as he pulled her backward by the shoulder.

A massive face, covered in sooty, gray scales, filled the doorway.

“Now!” he shouted.

Together, they turned and ran across rocks that could easily snap their ankles with a single misstep.

A ball of flame filled the air behind them.

“What was that thing?” Liv screamed through heavy spurts of breath.

“I don’t know. Just get to the trees and hide.”

Winger drew his gun and spun around. The familiar weight made his injured arm throb.

The area between him and the open door was empty. He backed toward the tree line with his gun held high. A shriek broke the air above and fire rained down.

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction.

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