He Slept On Her Floor

He slept on her floor night after night to protect her from the monsters that she believed lurked under her toddler bed, just waiting for an opportunity to snatch her away. There never were any monsters, but she didn’t know that.

He slept on her floor because she had asked him to. She’d never asked to be sick, but life isn’t always fair.

He slept on her floor to spend as much time with her as he could. There would come a time, all too soon, when he wouldn’t be able to. She was his world, and he would be lost when she was gone, but until then the greatest gift he could give her was his time.

He slept on her floor because he loved her.

Written for The Short Story and Flash Fiction Society’s Flash Fiction Contest #6. I was going to write a horror story for the contest, and in a sense I guess I did just that, just not the horror I had originally planned. I seem to have gone with a real life horror instead.

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