Storybook Corner: The Old Train

001Matt climbed on the old, rusted train. “All aboard!” he shouted.

Sarah looked up at him from the overgrown grass beside the old tracks. “Seriously? You brought me all the way out here to show me a beat up, old train?”

“Just trust me and get up here.”

“I want to go home.”

Matt sat with his feet dangling off the train. “You’re always bitching about me not being spontaneous, but when I try to have a little off the cuff fun you bitch about that too. I can’t win with you, Sarah.”

She just stared at him. He hung his head and sighed.

“I’m sorry, babe. Help me up, okay?”

Matt lifted his eyes to meet her gaze. “No, it’s alright. A picnic out here was a stupid idea.” He hoped off the train and walked back through the trees toward their car.

Sarah pulled herself up onto the train. A blanket and picnic basket sat on the floor, surrounded by rose petals. “Matt, wait!” she called out, but he was already back at the car, staring at the ring he was going to give her.

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