Six on the Sixth – November 2015

6on6This month, I’ve randomly selected the words Badge, Right, Crinkle, Faulty, Turn, and Hip to be sacrificed upon the alter as an offering to the gods of times gone by. Join in on the fun of creating your own six word offers… or don’t if that’s your inclination. Either way is fine. Hit me with a link in the comments if you feel like taking part. My stories are below. Enjoy!

Birth of a Serial Killer (Badge)

His fake badge got him inside.

Mr. Personality (Right)

Always being correct left him friendless.

Gross (Crinkle)

Pickles: his nose crinkled in disgust.

Home Wrecker (Faulty)

Faulty wiring took everything from them.

The Only Child (Turn)

Sharing was never in his vocabulary.

He Won the Lottery (Hip)

They used to call him loser.

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