There’s Something Happening Here

PHOTO PROMPT – © Sandra Crook

PHOTO PROMPT – © Sandra Crook

“What is it?” Barrett asked.

“Ain’t exactly clear on what it’s supposed to be,” Johnny replied.

Barrett nudged Johnny in the ribs. “There’s a man with a gun over there!”

Johnny laughed. “That’s the security guard, dummy.”

Barrett reached across the red velvet rope to touch the strange sculpture.

“Stop!” The security guard shouted just as Barrett’s finger slid across the outer metal ring.

Johnny looked over his shoulder. “Hey, what’s that sound?”

The thunderous pounding of many feet rounded the corner–more guards.

“Take him away, men.” The security guard eyed Johnny cautiously as the others hauled Barrett away.

I had a couple requests for a more light-hearted piece this week after last week’s depressing story of a man visiting his dead, abusive mother’s grave. This led to the only logical conclusion: I did a collaboration with Buffalo Springfield this week. Maybe I’ll join forces with Mungo Jerry next week.

Also, I apologize for not reading many stories last week. The wife and munchkin came down with strep and required a bit of extra time and attention from me.

Written for Friday Fictioneers.

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