Something a Bit Different

Warning: This post has absolutely zero to do with writing. There is no fiction to be found here. But I have the day off of work tomorrow and it happens to be a Friday Fictioneers day, so hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze that into my plan for the day. Anyway, on to the post now:

For those of you that know me, you know I enjoy mud runs and obstacle course races (OCRs). This past weekend I did another Tough Mudder (my third) and did something a bit different: I wore my GoPro mounted on a head strap to record the action. The battery ran out so I only ended up recording about a third of the course, but the following videos are some of the obstacles, from my perspective. If I would have thought to turn off the camera for the running portions, there’d be a lot more videos. I’ll consider that a lesson learned, one I’ll be putting into practice for the Savage Race I’ll be running next month, which I also plan on recording.

If you don’t mind getting muddy and want to have a good time, you should definitely look into OCRs. They’re a lot of fun.

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