Divorce Is Messy



His boots thumped against the wood as he walked toward the end of the boardwalk. Her silhouette beckoned him in the distance. He didn’t think she’d actually show. They usually don’t. They usually have a change of heart. Not this one though. This one meant business.

He grinned as he approached. She looked nervous. Most of the ones who made it this far did. He didn’t trust the ones who didn’t, refused to work with them.

“You got the money?” he asked.

She extended a shaking arm to him, a bag clutched in her hand.

“He won’t bother you anymore.”

I figured it only appropriate to write about marriage for this photo as I snapped the shot while on my honeymoon almost 9 years ago. Sure, this story is about a broken marriage and a hitman hired to kill the husband, but it’s still about marriage. If you’re wondering, this story is not a reflection of reality. To my knowledge my wife hasn’t hired anyone to kill me and as far as I know she isn’t planning to. I’ve been wrong before though.

Written for Friday Fictioneers.

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