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One Little Slip



The cold stone of the stairs caressed the soles of his bare feet. He lifted his hand and pulled his fingers along the wall as he thought of her. He missed her, his true love.

He paused and pressed his palm against the wall–bowed his head in remembrance. They’d come here together so many times, but now, without her, the place had a completely different feel. Without her it felt old and broken, lonely and rundown. Without her by his side, he felt nothing but contempt for those broken stairs. They had taken her from him in an instant.

This one didn’t come easy to me. This ended up being the third attempt.

Written for Friday Fictioneers.

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Six on the Sixth Prompt – August

6on6It’s that time of the month again! No not that time!

It’s time for some six word stories! Currently there isn’t a huge following, but hopefully as time passes more and more writers around the world will be contributing to this little exercise in creativity.

Speaking of creativity, I went ahead and created a logo for this little game we play. Extra points go to anyone who can positively identify the man on the top holding the gun. Extra points don’t mean much considering we don’t keep score, but it’s the thought that counts right?

This post will act as the prompt for tomorrow’s event. I say tomorrow because that’s when I’ll be posting my stories, but feel free to be flexible with the day on which you post yours. The linkup will be open all month.

The idea is to write anywhere from one to ten six word stories. I usually go with six of them, just to keep the six theme rolling.

To be clear, as the stories are so short, it is NOT MANDATORY that you use the prompt words. That being said, the following random words are this month’s prompts: (Be inspired by as many or as few as you see fit.)







The linkup is currently active and you are free to post your links to it at any time.

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Six on the Sixth – June

As always, my six word stories are presented in a way in which I hope they each stand on their own, but when combined create a longer tale. If you’re joining in on the six word fun, you do not have to follow the same format. The only rule is that each of your stories is exactly six words in length.


In The Beginning (Laughter)

Her laugh lit up his life.

Soul Mates (Tree)

Rooted by her, he grew older.

Living a Lie (Water)

Her deceit flooded their happy life.

Hoping for the Best (Eggs)

Despite betrayal, he walked on eggshells.

Time Doesn’t Always Heal (Motor)

Fueled by rage, he snapped.

Sunrise (Yellow)

The sun rose over their corpses.