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The Swamp Creature From The Murky Puddle

Photo Copyright -B. W. Beacham

Photo Copyright -B. W. Beacham

“This movie sucks. I can see the zipper!” Chuck stood up and headed for the door.

“It’s a B-movie. That’s half the fun,” Marcus called out.

Chuck stopped at the cardboard cutout of the swamp creature in the lobby. “Jesus, you can even see the zipper on this thing.”

“That a problem?”

He turned around to see someone dressed as the creature, complete with zipper. “You’ve gotta be kidding.”

“Unzip it. Or are you chicken?”

Chuck rolled his eyes and yanked the zipper down. The void beyond, pink and full of teeth, salivated at the prospect of a fresh meal.

This story was written for Friday Fictioneers. Admittedly, not my best work, but I like it.