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Destination Weirdsville: Poland’s Crooked Forest

A collection of highly unusual trees–roughly 400 in total–has taken up residence in a tiny corner of western Poland, near Gryfino. I use the phrase “taken up residence” because the trees appear to have been planted around 1930. These trees are quite unique and are surrounded by a larger forest of perfectly normal trees.

What makes these trees so unique? Well, how about I just show you rather than tell you?


Nobody seems to know why all of these trees are bent, or how it was done, but the fact that they’re all bent in the same direction (northward) lends to the idea that it was almost certainly some sort of human intervention that caused the trees to bend. The general consensus is that they were bent on purpose for use in furniture or boat making, but other slightly more bizarre suggestions to their origins have also been suggested: everything from the standard aliens to gravity anomalies.

Give me your strangest ideas as to how and why this crooked forest might exist. You don’t have to believe it. I just want to hear some interesting explanations.