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She stood at the sink, looking out the window, dreaming of better times and beautiful things long since gone away. The thought of him with that harlot made her skin crawl. How could he have been so heartless? She so blind?

Her chin dipped toward the forgotten dishes piled in the cool water. A tear traced a path to the edge of her nose, where it clung for a moment before plunging into the basin.

She steadied her trembling shoulders and returned her gaze outside, dreaming of better times and beautiful things long since gone away.

No horror today, only the sadness of a fictional woman. This one is actually a few words shy of 100 due to a last minute edit that I think makes it flow better. I usually strive to hit 100 words exactly, but I’ll make an exception this time.

Written for Friday Fictioneers.

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Six on the Sixth – June

As always, my six word stories are presented in a way in which I hope they each stand on their own, but when combined create a longer tale. If you’re joining in on the six word fun, you do not have to follow the same format. The only rule is that each of your stories is exactly six words in length.


In The Beginning (Laughter)

Her laugh lit up his life.

Soul Mates (Tree)

Rooted by her, he grew older.

Living a Lie (Water)

Her deceit flooded their happy life.

Hoping for the Best (Eggs)

Despite betrayal, he walked on eggshells.

Time Doesn’t Always Heal (Motor)

Fueled by rage, he snapped.

Sunrise (Yellow)

The sun rose over their corpses.

Vengeance #FridayFictioneers

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Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and you all for reading.

Photo copyright Randy Mazie

Photo copyright Randy Mazie

Boarded over, forgotten, and neglected. The weight of his despair hit him like a ton of bricks, topped with another for good measure.

He’d given her thirty years of his life and she just up and left at the first signs of affection from the young Spaniard.

She would pay for her insolence. They both would.

Their satisfying screams for mercy floated from the trunk.

Gary tramped hard on the accelerator. The sedan careened recklessly toward the cliff and the vast ocean beyond.

He jumped from the speeding vehicle and skidded across the dirt road. Bloodied, but alive, he grinned.