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The Grievance

PHOTO PROMPT – © Scott L. Vannatter

PHOTO PROMPT – © Scott L. Vannatter

To the Sir and Madam of the house:

I have written this letter to share my discontent with the living conditions that have been provided. I realize that you both work very hard to provide a loving home for your family, but I feel the needs of others are being placed before my own and I do not appreciate it. I will forward to you a list of demands that must be met or I will set in motion the process of making your lives hell. Be advised, once this is done it cannot be undone.

Warmest Regards,
The Cat

Written for Friday Fictioneers.

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Super Short Stories – Mr. Whiskers


The mewing coming from beneath my bed sounded vaguely like Mr. Whiskers. I probably would have mistaken it as such if Mr. Whiskers hadn’t been busy wrapping himself in my legs and purring at the time.