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Six on the Sixth: February 2015

The Boy Ain’t Right (Aardvark)

He eats ants. That ain’t right.

The Rotten Apple (Apple)

One bite–vomit tickled her throat.

At the Truck Stop (Truck)

The trucker winked at the hooker.

Hunting “Accident” (Kill)

The bullet ripped through his uncle.

Left for Dead (Left)

Broken and beaten, he plotted revenge.

Paper Cuts are Hell (Paper)

She sucked at the painful cut.



Six on the Sixth Prompt – Feb 2015

6on6It’s that time of the month again! No not that time!

It’s time for some six word stories! Currently there isn’t a huge following, but hopefully as time passes more and more writers around the world will be contributing to this little exercise in creativity.

This post will act as the prompt for tomorrow’s event. I say tomorrow because that’s when I’ll be posting my stories, but feel free to be flexible with the day on which you post yours.

The idea is to write anywhere from one to ten six word stories. I usually go with six of them, just to keep the six theme rolling.

I’ve decided to do away with the inlinkz linkup until we gain some more followers. We’re going to do it old school instead. Just post a link to your stories in the comments of mine (and any others that you read).

To be clear, as the stories are so short, it is NOT MANDATORY that you use the prompt words. That being said, the following random words are this month’s prompts: (Be inspired by as many or as few as you see fit.)