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Wicked Little Things has arrived to suck the marrow from your bones

Hello, my dearest minions.
It is with great pleasure that I announce the birth of my latest monstrosity. WICKED LITTLE THINGS is now available on Amazon. It’ll be on Smashwords soon and B&N at some point in the future. I’ve already published it on B&N this morning, but last time it took over a week before my book actually went live on their site, so I wouldn’t hold your breath if you’re waiting for the B&N edition. You’ll likely be dead long before it comes along.


What is WICKED LITTLE THINGS? Well, I’m glad you asked (even if you didn’t). It’s a collection of 100 stories 100 words each, the second volume of 100 Tiny Tales of Terror. It is a labor of love and it is a bastard to those who dwell within its pages.


100 tiny tales of terror gave birth to 100 monstrosities.

The time has come for 100 more tales of terrible things to haunt your dreams and drive home a healthy dose of fear of those horrible creatures that dwell mostly in the darkness, but sometimes in the light.

Devour these Wicked Little Things in one sitting if you think your fragile mind can handle it, or drink them in one at a time and let your fright strangle your sanity as the fear really sinks in and takes hold.

Pick up a copy at:



B&N (coming soon)

Shout it from the rooftops and hold people for ransom until they pick up a copy of WICKED LITTLE THINGS. Do it for me, but mostly do it for the wickedness of it all, my wonderful little minion.*

*Note: This should go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway. I do not actually condone holding people for ransom, even if it means an increase in sales for me. How about you just use your superior sales skills to talk them into getting a copy? That could work, right? For you, not for me. Sadly, I have no sales skills. They were gunned down in a drive by shooting years ago. Some homicidal clown thought it’d be funny. It wasn’t.